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Brandon Flying Club Fly-in Breakfast 31 May 1964

On Sunday 31 May 1964 a small contingent of aircraft and personnel from the Army Aviation Tactical Training School (AATTS) of the Canadian Joint Air Training Center (CJATC) at Rivers MB attended the Annual Brandon Flying Club Fly-in Breakfast at the Brandon Airport. The complement of aircraft consisted of three L-19s (702, 709 and 714) and one Hiller CH-112 helicopter. Manning the three L-19s were: Capt Nick Mulikow RCA (AATTS Instructor) and Lts Wayne Brocklehurst Cdn Gds (LAPC 38), John Dicker RCCS (LAPC 34), Dick Nordlund RCE (LAPC 37) and Dave Simmons RCASC (LAPC 37). Manning the sole chopper was Capt Jim Pugh RCASC (AATTS Instructor) and Lt Bill Charland RCASC (AATTS Instructor).

A most enjoyable time was had by all participants from Rivers who, after consuming enormous quantities of pancakes and other delicious breakfast treats, made sure a careful re-check of Weight and Balance figures on the aircraft was done before taking off for the return flight to Rivers (YI).

Note: The airfield photo is that of Brandon, the solo L-19 in Vic formation is 709 flown by Dick Nordlund and Lt Dicker is shown leaning on the wing of a beautiful civilian-owned Chipmunk whose registration, unfortunately, is not known.

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    Compiled by BGen R.G. Heitshu.