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FW (L-19) Conversion Course 70/1

Conversion Course 70/1, CJATC, Rivers MB, 20 Apr - Jun 70

Front Row L to R:

Capt Jim Macfie,  RCAF Maint Offr,  Capt Fred Leach,  Capt Blair Wilkinson,  Capt Bill Marshall.

Back Row L to R:

Capt Mike MacDonald,  Capt Bill McMullen,  Capt Harvey Ellery,  Capt Mike Elkins,  Capt Gerry Ireland,  Capt Lou Cuppens.
(Contributed by LGen L. Cuppens)

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FW (L-19) Conversion Course #6 15 Jan-9 Mar 65

Lt G Thatcher RCAC was the only student. Instructors were: Stevenson, Hall (Ray), Brocklehurst and McDonald (Lloyd). IHT by Pugh and FHT by Mulikow)

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FW (L-19) Conversion Course (no Course number available at present)

FW (L-19) Conversion Course 15 Jan-28 Feb 62

L to R:

Fred Wagner Instructor),  Dan Stovel,  Mac MacIsaac,  Ron Hall,  Buck McBride (Instructor)

Note: Other Instructors on the Course were Norm Ramsey and Lloyd McMorran

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FW (L-19) Conversion Course #2

FW (L-19) Conversion Course #2 CJATC Rivers MB 8 Feb (first flight)-21 Apr (check ride) 1960

L to R (all RCASC):

Lt FT Zeggil,  Capt GE Lindsay,  Lt DA Guy,  Capt H McKenzie Lt HFE Swain
(photo located in the logbook of Capt GC Walker, an instructor on the course)

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