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Rotary Wing Advanced Tactical Helicopter Course No.5 Sep 3 - Mid Oct 1963

Front Row L to R (Instructors)

Capt Murray McDonald,  Capt Gord Walker,  Maj Jim Cullens (AAC),  Maj Bert Casselman (OC AATTS),  Capt Pat Thornton,  Capt Colin Sangster

Rear Row L to R

Lt John Dicker,  Lt Ross Christensen,  Capt Peter Maione,  Capt Bill Marshall,  Lt Archie Archambault,  Lt Jack Shaw .

The Course was terminated early, in mid-Oct 63, with no-one graduating. The reason for the early termination was the high number of accidents (3) caused primarily by wire-strikes. The most serious accident occurred 25 Sep 63 when Hiller CH-112 10270, flown by Capt Marshall and Capt Maione, hit a wire, crashed and burned (see news paper clipping below). Both officers survived but received burns and minor injuries, the most significant being received by Capt Maione in the form of burns to the face and hands (as evidenced in the Course photo above).

Contributed by LCol John Dicker.

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Rotary Wing Advanced Tactical Helicopter Course No.7 Mar 29 - May 28 1965

Front Row L to R

Trev White,  Bill Claggett,  Bruce Muelaner,  Jim Pugh.

Rear Row L to R

(8CH Observers) Sgt Riggs,  Sgt Oakley,  Cpl Villeneuve,  Sgt MacKenzie.

This course had both Officers and NCOs on it. NCOs were all Armoured Corps and training to be Observers. My Instructor from start to finish was Maj Sharpe, AAC. My FHT was done by Capt Jim Pugh. No Course picture was taken of the Officers, just a single of myself. On the Course besides myself, were Butch Colwell, Ken Tryon and Bob Parkinson, all Armoured”. Above picture is of student Observers and their Instructors.

Contributed by LCol John Dicker.

Lt John Dicker AATTS, CJATC Rivers Camp Manitoba

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