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Air OP Section Commanders Course, RCSA, Shilo Manitoba, 24 Aug - 30 Oct 1970

Front Row L to R

Capt Jim Macfie,   Capt Roger O'Banion,   Maj Fred Ayers,   Maj Frank Bayne,   Capt Marshall (Guards Officer) Capt Gerry Ireland.

Rear Row L to R

Capt Mike MacDonald,   Capt David Miller,   Capt Bill McMullen,   Capt Harvey Ellery,   Capt Mike Elkins (dec),   Capt Paul Hitchman,   Capt Lou Cuppens.

Note: The pic was taken in the hangar at Flewin Field Shilo. Note that all are wearing the army flying badge. Also note the candelabra in the photo. We were a cultured group. At course end we all met up again for "October Fest" in Quebec and Ontario thanks to the FLQ".

LGen L. Cuppens

Image contributed by LGen L. Cuppens.

Editorial note: With regard to the note above, it will be seen that Capt Paul Hitchman is still wearing the RCAF Pilot Flying Badge that he was awarded on completion of his C-45 Course at Portage la Prairie MB in late Apr 69. Why he is still wearing that badge is unknown as he was awarded the Army Flying Badge after completion of L-19 Conversion Course 6902 at 4 FTS Rivers MB in Jul 69, along with fellow student and Artillery Officer Capt Dave Miller.

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Air OP Section Commanders Course, Shilo MB from 16 March - 5 April 1966

Group photo N/A


Major FW Bayne


Capt AV Coroy,   Capt G Gower,   Capt FC Haynes,   Capt J MacGregor,   Capt N. Mulikow.

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Advanced Air OP Course # 17, Shilo Manitoba 1963

Front Row L to R

McDonald (Gerry),   Bayne,   Watch,   Clark.

Rear Row L to R

Lovell,   Whalen,   Adams,   Wheeler.

Note: Several courses were run called "The Air OP Section Commanders' Course" and referred to as the Advanced Air OP Course. I was a student on the Spring 1967 course, however I don't recall that a group photo was taken at the time. The last course was held in Shilo in the Fall of 1970. It was terminated early because of the FLQ problem.

LtCol Vic Coroy

Image contributed by Maj Bill Lewis.