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Air OP Pilots Reunion, Ottawa ON, 4-7 Jul 1996

Front Row L to R: Buck Buchanan, Ray Irwin, Mike Henderson, Suds Sutherland, Bob Heitshu, Howie Wickett, Joe Liston, Al Stewart, Buzz Borland, Dave Fromow.

Middle Row L to R: Bill Lewis, Bill Pollock, Frank Bayne, Vic Coroy, Paul Piggot*, Doug Russell, Gerry Gower, John MacGregor, Don Foster, Doug Baker, Percy Davis.

*Welcome guest from the Hong Kong Roll of Gunners.

Rear Row L to R: Bill McMullen, Fred Ayers, Jim Macfie, Keith Lavender, Hank Thompson, Nigel Gleason-Beard, Norm Ramsey, Clare Haynes, Charlie Panet.

Note: All names provided Sep 2020 by Maj (Ret’d) JM (Jim) Macfie RCA.