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Artillery Air Observation Post Pilots' Reunion, 1988

Front Row (left to right):

Bill Pratt,  Bob Merchant,  Bus Duhamel,  Bill Roney,  Percy Davis,  Tug Watch,  Al Stewart,  Ray Morton,  Howard Wickett,  Suds Sutherland,  James Doohan,  George Andrews,  Norbert Reilander,  Danny McCormack,  Ted Crease,  Al Smardon,  Alex McLeod,  Bill Milliken,
Mike Henderson,  Bill Scandrett.

Second Row (left to right):

Jean-Louis Lamy,  Robbie Robinson,  Doug Russell,  Joe Liston,  Gup MacNeil,  John MacGregor,  Hank Thompson,  Orme Dier,  Bert Leggett,  Peter Tees,  Doug McMillan,  Thane Wheeler,  Doug Baker,  Dave Francis,  Gord Mastine,  Bob Heitshu,  Bill Hagarty,
Dave Fromow,  Terry Willett,  Buck Buchanan,  Bill Lewis,  Frank Cronk.

Third Row (left to right):

Jack Lovell,  Pierre Marceau,  Dick Rogers,  Dave Walters,  Fred Ayers,  Bill Rendell,  Jim Cotter,  Frank Bayne,  Mike MacDonald,  Vic Coroy,  Tom Musgrave,  Dave Struthers,  Bill West,  Gerry Gower,  Rick Perley,  Orv Lester,  Bill Pollock,  Lorne Grainger,  Paul Hitchman,  Bev Baily,  Al Doucet.

Fourth Row (left to right):

Don Foster,  Jim Macfie,  Keith Lavender,  Clare Haynes,  Ron Adams,  Ned Nethercott,  Jim Lowe,  Charlie Panet,  Ray Hall,  Ray Irwin,
Bill McMullen,  Mike Elkins,  Gerry MacDonald,  Nigel Gleason-Beard,  Bill McIntyre.

Note: Provided from the personal papers of Col N. Reilander CD.

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