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LtCol JG (John) MacGregor's Restored L-19

by LCol Mike Walker.

I am sure many of you served with John MacGregor – and flown with him in planes, helicopters and sports cars. It didn’t matter which - the indicated airspeed was always the same !

For those who may not know him, he was as a Gunner Officer both in field batteries and later as an AOP pilot in Canada and Germany.

With the consolidation of aircrew duties under the Airforce in the early 70s, he transferred to the pilot branch and served until his retirement. He then joined the Ministry of Transport, in the area of flight examination/regulation I believe.

He was also the CO of 15 Field Regiment RCA following his departure from the Regular Force.

Now John lives in the lower mainland of BC and has acquired this aircraft which I am sure you will all recognize as a former military, L 19, Light Observation Aircraft.

Interestingly the passenger in the photos is James Adkins – the son of Maj Lew Adkins.


Mike Walker

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Editorial Note: As a matter of fact, John’s L-19A is not a former Canadian Army aircraft. It has simply been given markings (livery) to resemble one. The previous owner, a Canadian and an aircraft engineer, spent 13 years completing a ground restoration on this aircraft. It has won numerous awards, amongst them Best L-19 at Oshkosh, Best Liaison Bird at same and Best Warbird Restoration at Arlington WA. This aircraft is detailed to reflect the L-19s as delivered to the Canadian Army in 1954. This particular aircraft was delivered to the US Army 24 Dec 52, number 1885 off the assembly line at Cessna Aircraft in Wichita KS. It spent most of its working life at Fort Sill OK, in support of the Artillery School. It completed its operational time with the Arizona Civilian Air Patrol (CAP). It was imported to Canada in 1980, restored and returned to flying in 1994. It was acquired by John in 1997 and subsequently sold by him in 2016. Another historical note: the original Canadian Army L-19A 16713 was lost in a A Cat accident in W. Germany 2 May 62. The pilot was fatally injured and the aircraft written-off and subsequently struck off strength.

Submitted by LCol JA (John) Dicker, Editorial Board, Canadian Army Aviation Website, with factual input from LtCol John MacGregor.