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Exercise Bel Air, Camp Valcartier, Feb 20-28 1961

Capt "Ace" Card A/OC 1 AOP FLT (left) with Capt Dale Saxon (right).

Note: Memory!!... Ex. ended for us Feb 25th, but owing to very heavy snow and also freezing rain, stuck in Que. I was able to get back in a 3.5 hour flight direct Quebec/Petawawa on Feb 28th. The photo, as I remember was a news shot before the exercise. We supported 2nd and 3rd battalions R22e R with route recce’s, photo recce’s, and delivery by air drop. No specifics regarding subject matter! CARDE from Camp Valcartier was also supported with air photo flights.

Dale Saxon

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    Compiled by BGen R.G. Heitshu.