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The following article was first published in the Alberta Palaeontological Society Bulletin Volume 26. Number 1 March 2011. The article deals, inter alia, with what was likely the first helicopter lift of a plaster jacketed dinosaur skeleton out of the Alberta Badlands. The article also deals extensively with the development of the helicopter and the history of one of the Canadian Army’s most well-known, skilled and respected pilots, Captain Gord Walker, RCASC. Gordon was the captain of that helicopter, with Captain PA (Peter) Davis, RCASC, as second pilot.

Sincere appreciation to the Alberta Palaeontological Society for granting permission for the posting of this article to the Canadian Army Aviation Website,, and to the two authors Darren H. Tanke and R.W. (Bill) Walker for an outstanding job of authorship.

LCol John Dicker, Coordinator, Editorial Board, Canadian Army Aviation Website.

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First dinosaur lift at Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park area in central Alberta, 1967.

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Some information in the above article has been noted as being incorrect. See below for corrected versions.

Page 14 Figure 6. Officer kneeling, far left is in fact Capt PW (Percy) Davis RCA, an instructor on Gord’s 1953 light aircraft pilot course, not Peter Davis as indicated. The aircraft is an Auster Mk6 as opposed to AOP 6.
Page 22 Gord’s wedding date 5 Apr 47 should read Jun 47
Page 22 Gord’s date of death 28 Nov 70 should read 29 Nov 70
Page 22 Nora’s birth date 12 Mar 47 should read 20 Mar 48

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