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Members of the 1000 Hour Club (Order of the Griffin) Founded by Buzz Borland

Front Row L to R

Jamie Watt,  Buzz Borland,  Dave Fromow,  Nick Nicholls.

Rear Row

Arn Garlic,  Jim Grant,  Vern Taskey,  Norm Ramsey.

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1000 Hour Certificate belonging to Capt D.K. Johnstone.

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1000 Hour mug belonging to Capt. R.G. Heitshu.

In December, 1958, I was attending the Long location Course in Shilo, Manitoba. I did my continuation flying at 2AirOP flight, Shilo. On Saturday, December 30th, 1958, I went flying with Doug McMillan and took the opportunity to fly over the Shilo ranges to do a bit of crater analysis. On our return to the hangar, and to enter the flight in my logbook, I realized I had just flown my one thousandth hour. That is when Doug McMillan said I should be eligible for the Order of the Griffin and the 1000 Hour Mug. I understand that the Order of the Griffin was originated by Major Buzz Borland when he was commanding the Light Aircraft School (LAS) at CJATC. The certificate that I received has been lost, but I still have the mug.

BGen R.G. Heitshu

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