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Canadian Army Pilots’ Luncheon Hylands Golf and Country Club Ottawa ON 20 Sep 2018

Front Row L to R: Ross Christensen (RCAC), Al Cooper (RCAC), Stan Cote (RCAC), Peter Dudley (RCAC), Joe Oakley (RCASC), Vic Coroy (RCA), John Dicker (RCCS), Jack Farncombe (RCCS), Ron Hall (RCASC), Bud Hill (RCASC), Wally Johnson (RCAC).

Rear Row L to R: John MacGregor (RCA), Pierre Marceau (RCA), Murray McDonald (RCIC), Jim Macfie (RCA), Leo Noiles (RCAC), Dick Nordlund (RCE), Chuck Penny (RCEME), Larry Springford (RCEME), Guy Thatcher (RCAC), Fred Zeggil (RCASC). Photo by John Heitshu.

Signage by Jim Dicker, Graphic Designer, The Printing House (TPH), Ottawa.

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    Compiled by BGen R.G. Heitshu.