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LCol WRL (Larry) Springford RCEME

Larry Springford was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1938. He attended primary and secondary school in St Catharines, Ontario.

He entered the Royal Military College of Canada, graduated from there in 1961 and went on to the University of Toronto to complete his Mechanical Engineering Degree in 1962.

After a one year posting to 1 Field Workshop in Calgary, Alberta, he did the ab initio flying course at RCAF Station Centralia, Ontario and then earned his Army Flying Badge on the L19 aircraft at the Canadian Joint Air Training Centre (CJATC) at Rivers, Manitoba. After transitioning to helicopters on the CH112 Hiller Nomad at CJATC, and qualifying as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer at the US Army Transportation Corps School in Ft Eustis, Virginia, he remained at CJATC in the Army Aviation Maintenance Unit (AAMU). He qualified on the CH113A Voyageur as 2nd pilot. He spent two months on Temporary Duty with 1 Transport Helicopter Platoon in St Hubert, Quebec as the Maintenance Officer.

In 1967 he was posted to command the Officer Training Platoon at the RCEME School at Barriefield, Ontario. He was promoted to major in 1967 and posted on course to the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College in Kingston, Ontario in 1968.

He was posted to Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Soest Germany, as the Base Maintenance Officer in 1969. As a result of the reduction of the Canadian Forces in Germany at that time, he became the Logistics and Maintenance representative on the 5 officer transition group until he was posted to the Base Maintenance Officer position of CFB Lahr in 1970. Later that year he was posted to 4 Service Battalion of 4 Canadian Mechanized Battle Group as the Maintenance Company Commander.

In 1972 he was posted to NDHQ as the Career Manager for Land Ordnance Engineering (LORE) officer up to the rank of major. The next year he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and posted to the position of section head for Career Managers of engineering officers.

In 1975 he was posted as Commanding Officer of the Land Engineering Test Establishment in Orleans, Ontario. In 1978 he as posted as Chief Instructor at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace and Ordnance Engineering at CFB Borden, Ontario. In 1981 he was posted to a staff position in the Division of Land Engineering Maintenance of NDHQ. He took his retirement in 1982 to join Ontario Hydro at the Bruce Heavy Water Plant near Kincardine, Ontario producing Heavy Water for the Candu Nuclear Reactors. He was employed there in various engineering positions until 1993. Following Larry’s posting away from Army Aviation in 1968 he took up gliding. Significant achievements in that sport were:

  • Completing a 1000 km flight between Pennsylvania and Virginia in 2002, becoming the 10th Canadian pilot and the 412th pilot in the world to achieve that.
  • Climbing to 23,000 feet in New Zealand in 1998,
  • With many years experience as a contest pilot, he was the Contest Director for 3 Canadian National Soaring Contests and 2 Ontario Provincial Contests.

He also took up sailing, skippering sail boats on the Great Lakes, in the British Virgin Islands and Greece.

In 2001 he became interested in video and film making. As well as teaching video and audio editing he has produced over 70 videos or films. Some are available on web sites like Vimeo and YouTube and have been shown at various venues in Arizona where he and his wife, Rita spend their winters.

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