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Major RR (Rudy) Ulrich (then Lieutenant), RCCS, being awarded the Canadian Army Flying Badge by Group Captain PA Gilchrist, Commandant of the Joint Air School (JAS), Rivers MB, 12 Mar 49, during the graduation of the first Canadian Army Light Aircraft Pilot Course to be run since the end of WW2. Note that the JAS was officially renamed the Canadian Joint Air Training Centre (CJATC) on 1 Apr 49.

Major Ulrich was one of five Canadian Army students to successfully complete said Course which ran from 15 Nov 48 to 12 Mar 49.
Ab initio flying training for the Course was conducted at the Brandon Flying Club in Brandon MB, followed by advanced flying training to wings standard, at the LAS in Rivers. At that time the first Course was officially designated as No. 1 Air OP and Liaison Pilot Course. Subsequent Courses (Courses 2 to 44) were designated as either LAS or LAPC (Light Aircraft Pilot Course), with the last LAPC per se graduating in Dec 66.