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One RCE Pilot’s Story

After completing the L-19 course in Rivers the next step was the Hiller at Camp Wolters in Texas. I then, instead of being posted to an army flying unit, went off to Montreal to command a Works detachment there. I kept up my fixed wing flying on continuation training flying a Beech V-tail Bonanza and acting as personal pilot for the GOC Quebec Command General Rockingham.

Next was Adjutant at the School of Military Engineering while still maintaining proficiency on continuation flying training and instructing at the Chilliwack Flying Club.

Next was two years at staff college in Kingston 63/65 and getting a multi-engine rating on the Kingston Flying Club's Apache so I could moon light for the Club's charter service.

My last posting was to command the engineer field squadron in Gagetown (where I met Dick). 1 AOP Troop kindly let me get back to some L-19 flying again which was a real delight.

I left the Army in January 66 to take a construction engineering job with the Federal Department of Transport. The rest of my flying was primarily with the department and included time on the Jet Ranger as well as a type rating on the Bombardier Challenger 601 'executive jet. (My job in the department for ten years called for a current airline transport rating so I got to fly some very interesting equipment).


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A photo of me and my wonderful Luscombe 8F taken just before I headed off to Brandon and Course 23. (I sold the aircraft just
before departing Chilliwack having just got married and decided that a car might be a bit more appropriate as a family vehicle.)

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