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Visit to Cold Lake 1977

When I was Director General of Personnel-Other Ranks (DGPCOR), I was away a lot, visiting the troops at home and abroad, from the Golan Heights in the east to CFS Holberg in the west via Alert in the north!

I was preparing my first visit to Cold Lake and staff sent a resume of my career, including the fact that I had been an Air Cadet. This information was passed on to the Air Cadet League, and coincided with the graduation of the Senior Cadet Leadership course. I was promptly invited to inspect the members of the graduating class. When I arrived in Edmonton, I was picked up by an aircraft from CFB Cold Lake which turned out to be called ‘Pinocchio’ (see photo below) and proceeded on to Cold Lake. I was, however, dressed in civvies and the flight attendant said "they are expecting you in uniform and to review the Guard upon landing"! I asked her where I could change, and she directed me to the back of the aircraft. As I was preparing to undress, the artillery motto "Ubique", which means "everywhere", I never expected that "everywhere" would mean being starkers in the back of a DC3 called Pinocchio! I was treated royally by the Air Cadets and was shown every aspect of activity at Cold Lake which was most interesting and informative. I was very impressed with the photography facilities at Cold Lake and it was a great surprise to see the Chief Warrant Officer, whom I had not seen since 1959, Cpl Brown of Exercise Cold Duck in Algonquin Park (see photo below)

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RCAF C-47 Pinocchio

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Cpl Brown (left) during Exercise Cold Duck in Algonquin Park 1959

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Visit to CFS Alert 1977

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