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Miscellaneous Flights

            In Ottawa, the Army Headquarters Training and Liaison Flight (AHQ T&L Flt) was established in January 1961 and was equipped with four Cessna 182 aircraft, assigned the nomenclature L19L.24 It was based, in succession, at RCAF Stations Rockcliffe and Uplands. The aircraft were considerably faster than the L19, Bird Dog, and carried four persons including the pilot. Besides continuation flying training for the ever-growing number of Ottawa-based army pilots, the unit provided “on demand” air transportation for AHQ staff, from Ottawa to bases from Manitoba to Halifax. Also, the now qualified generals were given a checkout and flew the new aircraft. Although command of AHQ T&L Flt was not specifically assigned to the RCASC, it fell, de facto, to Corps pilots. Capt RodenBush set-up the unit while continuing to fulfil his QMG ADC/Instructor duties. Capt G.W. Brownrigg took over command from Capt RodenBush and other RCASC officers such as Capts Barkley, Binney, Carr, Cockerill, and Hurley served as line pilots. These few pilots certainly did not fly all of the flight’s missions. The practice of combining continuation flying training with assigned missions minimized the requirement for full-time pilots and gave meaningful work to those who might otherwise just “bore holes in the sky” while flying their stipulated eighteen hours per quarter. Eventually the unit was disbanded and the aircraft dispersed to other bases and units. As an example, for a time, one L19L was located at St Hubert for the use of the Commander and staff at FMC HQ.

            24DLAW proposed the purchase of four civilian Cessna 182s, calling them L19Ls, and claiming they were replacements for damaged beyond repair L19s as an “easy sell” to the Deputy Minister. He was not fooled but, because the relatively small cost was within his authority, the buy was approved.

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