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Major Nicholas (Nick) Mulikow CD Memorial Award

(Source: Air Force Magazine Vol 46 No. 1 30 Jun 22. Photo below and its associated caption by kind permission of LCoI (Ret'd) Dean Black, Executive Director RCAFA Board of Directors and author of the above referenced article on Maj Mulikow's Memorial Award)

Following article was prepared in part by using Dean's article as the basis, complete with some verbatim quotations and submitted by LCoI (Ret'd) John Dicker RCCS, Chairman, Editorial Board, Canadian Army Aviation Website

For those of us who knew Nick and had the privilege of serving with him, the creation of this significant Award came as a very pleasant surprise in honour of a most deserving, exceptional officer, gentleman and above all, aviator.

Nick's personal sword was acquired while serving in the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and was kindly gifted by Nick's widow to RCAFA Executor Director LCoI (Ret'd) Dean Black, former CO 403 (Helicopter) Operational Training Squadron 2000-02. Upon Dean's initiative, he and the current CO collaborated to bring this award to fruition, working together through the recent COVID pandemic period.

Nick was a flying instructor of the utmost highest standard and integrity, always with the student's best interest in mind, regardless of the student's ability (or inability) to perform, along the path to wings qualification. His dedication to the field of instruction was unwavering throughout his career as anyone ever associated with him in the field of aviation will attest.

The Award may be presented on an annual basis by the CO 403 Sqn of such persons as she or he may delegate/designate, to the individual in any education or training billet in the tactical aviation (1 Wing) community, including maintenance, administrative and operational personnel where an individual is charged with conveying a standard of performance and evaluating individuals against that standard: performance for which Nick was exceptionally qualified and religiously adhered to throughout his flying career.

In conclusion, I have to say from personal experience that I can attest to the fact that Nick was a truly outstanding aviator and instructor, having been Nick's very first student pilot since he qualified as an Army fixed-wing instructor at the Army Aviation Tactical Training School in Rivers MB in late 1962. He was my first and only instructor on my Light Aircraft Pilot Course which culminated in the award of the coveted Canadian Army Flying Badge in Apr 63 and the Top 'AT Trophy for being the top student on the Course (mentioned only to highlight Nick's excellence as an instructor). He was, in my books, the finest instructor I ever had before and after wings presentation, which includes ab initio, fixed and rotary wing (basic and tactical) flying instruction and multi-engine qualification later on.