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The graduating class of artillery officers on parade, who recently received their wings from A.C.H.B. Russell, D.F.C., A.F.C., at R.A.F. training camp in England.

Shown above are Canadian Artillery graduates of AOP Course 39, A and B Syndicates, both Syndicates completing 27 Mar 45. Missing from the photo is graduate Capt A.W. McLeod from B Syndicate.

Canadians who were among those who graduated as flying observers to guide artillery fire. Front row (left to right): Capt. A.D. Carpenter (Toronto), Capt. T.J. O’Brennan (Dodsland, Sask), Capt A. St. C. MacPherson (Vancouver), Major D.R. Ely (Toronto), Capt. G.B. Duhamel (Ottawa), Capt J.S. Dinnick (Toronto). Second row: Capt. R.O. Lundgren (Vulcan, Alt), Capt. R.A. Davies (Toronto), Capt. J. L. Grainger (Winnipeg), Capt. C.A. Ashfield (Grenfell, Sak), and Capt. G.W. Andrews (Port Arthur Ont.). Back row: Capt. O.W. Dier (Vancouver) and Capt. D.J. McCormack (Souris, P.E.I.).

A/C. Russell taking the salute at the march past at the graduation ceremony.

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    Compiled by BGen R.G. Heitshu.